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Safe Repair & Service
Combination / Electronic Lock
Pre-Owned Strong Safes
Safe Weight Management (Testing)
Rental of Safe (Short/Long)
Removal & Disposal
Vault Door Opening (Auto Dialer)
Safe Restoration Works
Combination Resetting
Safe Manipulation Opening


Safe Openng & Locksmith Services, break open safe, auto dialer
Moving of Safe, Safe movers, Chubb, Fichet Safe, Relocation of all types of Safe Residential or Office
Chubb Safe of variou sizes and models for sale, Fortress Safe, Chubb Custodian, Chubb Guardian, Chubb Safes
Safe Restoration, Antique Safe Repair Restore, Old Safe Service, Servicing





Opens all types of Safe,

Using the most advanced methods of safe breaking.
Manipulation, Break-Open, Auto Dialer, Scoping.

Moving all Size & Weight Safe, Relocation of Residential and Offices Safe, Stairs & No lift move. Large and Heavy Safe & Vault Door. We also provides Removal & Disposal Service.

New Chubb Safes, Models like the Fortress, Mini Banker, Guardian, Custodian & 4 Drawer Safe.

Pre-owned, Used Safe & Restored Antique Luxury Safe. We also provides Rental for Events/Show.

Restoration of Old Antique Safe to their Original Condition, Craft and Create the antique keys for the Safe. Woodgrain finishing by Grand Master Antique Safe Restorer.


A collection of Antique safes we've restore with passion

Antique German Safe 150 years old.png

Antique safe , Antichnyy seyf , 古董保险箱 , Antiker safe , Antique cassaforte ,

Antigua caja fuerte , 골동품 금고,  Antik Peti Keselamatan,  アンティークセーフティボックス

Our work


Siah's Old-Safe Service also known as SOS is a Singapore based company that is founded by Mr David Siah (佘克安), an experienced antique safe specialist with more than 45 years of experience, aims to restore new lives into old antique safe from the past to their original condition. He ensures that these antique safe which passes through his hands will provide the collectors/customers with a piece of history that is functional, attractive and usable like a secure safe.

The skill and art of restoration/refurbishing work was handed down from his Father and Grandfather. Each piece of antique safe is unique, authentic, classy and also exclusive in history and features, they can be custom-furbished to satisfy each collectors’ personal requests. Everything imaginable will be reviewed carefully to ensure the piece of history is preserved well. Also, do note that we do not do any reproduction to any of our safes. Many of our antique safe collections are being exported in the early 19th century (1900-1910) from countries like Germany, France, Austria, and Britain etc. During the olden days, these antiques safe are  only for export to countries in the South East Asia.

Our Collections are exclusive, all our safes are lovingly restored to become modern eyewitnesses of historic craftsmanship. Each antique safe is an absolute one-of-a-kind piece, no one safe is exactly like another. And because of the shear age of these safes, there is no doubt as to their limited availability. The outward appearance and inner workings are defined step-by-step by our antique safe restorer David Siah. The unforgettable impression that these safe leaves on its viewer is marked by its very own personal history. Also these safes are made metal, the exterior finishing are hand painted by our antique restorer.  

Siah's Old-Safe Service has  a wide range collections of Antiques Safe.  These includes safes from Germany, Britain, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Austria and Japan. Other than providing Antique safe restoration &  sale services, Siah’s Old-Safe Services also handles all types of Modern / Used / New Safe (Moving, Transporting, Relocation, Safe Refurbishing, Safe Removal, Disposal, Opening of safe boxes, Retailing of old / used / new safe). Another Service that we currently offers is Safe Rental for Events & Roadshows.

Come on in and unveil the history of these safes. 

Sinapore Mediacorp - Pornsak at our showroom


Head Office / Showroom
50, Serangoon North Avenue 4
#06-09, First Centre S555856

Tel: +65 6846 7141



Mon - Fri: 10am - 5pm

​​Saturday: 10am - 1pm

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