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Safe Opening / Locksmith Service

Safe Opening Services - We provide Safe Opening & Manipulation on all types / Size of Safe. Our client include both government and private sectors (Money Changers/Banks/Watch Companies/Private Banks/Private house etc). We also the appointed and recommended Safe Specialist with the Military Security Department (SG) to assist with their vault and strong safes issues and problems. Equipments of various types of are in our arsenal, just to name a few, the Auto Dialer using brute force methods to turn the dial open, Scoping & Cameras for pinhole tracking and manipulation of combination lock system, large scale cutters and diamond core drill for entry into the highest security safes. Most of the Brands that we handles are Chubb safe, Fichet Bauche Safe, Grodej Safe, GuardMaster, Loyd Safe, Lucell Safe, Okachi, Orion and many other brands as well. Call us or email us for more information on the Safe Cracking / Opening & locksmith Services.

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